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Sunrise Resorts and Cruises was founded in 2002 by Hossam Gouda El Shaer, an Egyptian entrepreneur who carries with him a very long experience in tourism industry as a valuable heritage from one of the oldest families in the field.

This extensive experience and knowledge of guests’ needs and requirements was the key element in starting an organization that was all around exceeding guests’ expectations, hence, delivering one of the most successful hospitality chains that is tailored to cater carefully to those needs.

We cover and manage reservations for different clients in our hotels and with our contracted hotels

Adding one success to the other, we currently own and manage 11 resorts, beautifully scattered in the most authentic locations Egypt has to offer, taking advantage of both modern and Arabian architecture, elegantly blended into an orchestrated Man and Nature symphony.

With a family of more than 4000 highly motivated / well trained employees, SUNRISE Resorts and Cruises has succeeded to set a new benchmark in hospitality management in Egypt.

Year Hotels Client
2018 775 797,514
2017 537 536,852

Sunrise Group

The hospitality power of Skymax holidays is extended from its sister company, Sunrise Resorts and Cruises.

11 Resorts and 7 Cruises
3500+ Rooms
5 Popular Cities

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Sharm El Sheikh

Sharma El Sheikh Sharma El Sheikh Dahab Dahab Port Ghalib Port Ghalib Hurghada Hurghada Makadi Bay Makadi Bay Gouna El Gouna Soma Bay Soma Bay Nuweibaa Nuweibaa