Hotels & Resorts


Latest Travel Technologies

We value the opportunities, that’s why our team worked all the practical solutions to offer turnkey operation.

  • API integration through our adaptive technology
  • B2B booking engine
  • Extranet loading
  • Offline sending; through daily updates by Email
  • Reservation import integration

Physical Destination Existence

Physical existence in the destinations; Despite all the available solutions to sell a destination without a local partner, we still believe that it is a key asset to have resident partner

  • First hand cost – noncomplex markup
  • Acquiring exclusive deals
  • Ability to network with hotels & suppliers
  • Guest Assistance & support round the clock
  • Multi-lingual hotel/airport reps – Full time Guides

Strong Network

Nowadays It is crucial to have a collaborative partnership, in this business relationship we offer our partners a connection with the tourism/governmental authorities which gives them insights into the destinations we manage.

Financial Stability; our company has been in the business for more than 45 years, and our financial stability is proven by our steady moves to healthy growth and expansion.

Big family of partners; being part of this family gives us access to examine all source markets leading to a better negotiation tools for best prices, using our experience, contacts and purchasing power.